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About us

Fenwick & Tilbrook was started by Simon and Clare Tilbrook and Martin Fenwick in the Norfolk countryside in 2016.

We are a small family business which means that we are passionate and believe in what we do. Simon and Clare are personally involved in manufacturing, preparing, checking, packaging and sending our products to our customers. 

Creating something that is worthy and sustainable is our goal. We are motivated by success and achievement, which to us is slow growth and the wonderful feedback that we get from our customers. There is nothing quite as rewarding as hearing how much a customer loves our paint, including experienced tradesmen!

About our Paint

Fenwick and Tilbrook interior eggshell paint has exceptional coverage

Our paints possess a powerful chroma which means strong pigments for a beguiling depth of colour. They’re easy to apply for a better finish with fewer coats, are water based, so much more pleasant to use and are designed to last. Try them against some of the leading competitors.

Our inspiration box contains business card sized actual paint samples of each of our 120 colours, which makes it really simple to choose and match colours and get inspiration. Alternatively, you can order sprayed sheets or even a personalised colour chart.

Fenwick & Tilbrook paints are supplied in three tin sizes: 1 litre, 2.5 litres and 5 litres. There are 120 core colours with a further collection of archived colours and special edition colours which we regularly add to. We can also match any manufacturer’s paint colours.

About our Quality

We have total confidence in the quality of our products, in that we consider them to be the best available.

We only use the very best ingredients and have based the formulation on our expert knowledge of creating long lasting, extremely durable paint. The paint has a very high opacity so it offers superior coverage and is easy to apply. It has a chalky finish but is smooth, without the chalky feel. Fenwick & Tilbrook paint is wipeable and extremely durable – it is designed to stand up to weather extremes.

We make each tin fresh to order too so it has not been sitting on a shelf, and we offer next day UK delivery so your paint arrives just when you need it.


Thank you.

The sample pot arrived safely on Friday and I spent a happy weekend marvelling at your understanding of my vague colour description. Dry Earth is PERFECT…I really do appreciate all the effort you have dedicated to such a small order and am indeed one happy customer.


Fay Wrixon

Fenwick & Tilbrook’s paints are outstanding.   The choice of colours is fantastic and the quality of the paint and coverage is remarkable.  Plus the choice of “sheen” ensures the finish required.

When I first used their paint it was to paint a wooden kitchen –  I had searched and searched all the “usual suspects” but found nothing that gave the depth of colour and subtle sheen that I wanted.   My husband was fed up with my going round various “designer” paint shops, getting samples and then painting sample boards for me to see in situ.   I had found absolutely nothing  suitable until I found Fenwick & Tilbrook.


Jill Starnes

It’s the best paint I’ve used in 5 years of furniture painting.


Steven @Countryblueinteriors

Honestly I don’t think I’ll ever use another paint if I can help it!  You guys have such an amazing product (and it took me about 20 samples from all over to find the perfect green, you’re nailing it).


Dori Sneath @thesessionshouse

We used Fenwick & Tilbrook Claypaint for the first time the other day and loved it. Best the lads have used.  Easy to apply with a superior finish to anything else we’ve ever tried.


Anthony Kakurira, T&T Painting and Decorating

You are amazing at what you do and I would say currently your family firm get 20 out of 10!



Glynis Blake

This is literally my new favourite colour! I’m so happy with it! Thank you for making the perfect colour!


Ruby Wood

The finish on the exterior eggshell is absolutely delicious! It’s right up there with the old oil based eggshell I used to use, which is amazing as I never thought water-based would replicate it!


Greg Penn (AKA Man with a Hammer)

Love love love love love this paint.  So glad I found you guys…..Just moved house of late and on our second tin of your paint adding splashes of amazing colour…so many to choose from…colours and choice aside, your service has been incredible.  Can’t wait for my second tin to arrive and get it on the walls.  Keep doing what you guys do and stay safe – a zillion thanks.


Trish Wilson

I already knew I loved the colour, but the finish is DREAMY and the coverage is incredible…a little goes such a long way.  Huge congrats on such a fantastic product guys.


Louise McCabe @nellydelanuit

I’ve just redone a guest room in Oregano and had the most terrific results. After being slightly concerned when the paint went on patchy, I painted over oval room blue by farrow and ball, and Oregano has covered it in one coat – I was amazed. The finish is quite spectacular and even more impressive was that it only took one coat.

Something much appreciated by someone who’s 19 weeks pregnant with a toddler in tow!


I live in the arctic, in a glass house facing north over the Norwegian Sea. In the summer the room is flooded with 24 hour sun, and in the midst of the winter the sun doesn’t come above the horizon at all.  It’s an impossible room for paint colour.  The light changes not only with the seasons, but hourly as it reflects the ever-changing colours of the sea. I had repainted at least a half dozen times and couldn’t get it right.

I described the issue to Clare and she created a bespoke colour – 68 Degrees North. It is perfect – both toned down so that it doesn’t flash in full sun and lively so that it lifts the room in winter.  It is warm against the cold light and changes with the colours of the sea and sky. Clare has an intuitive sense of colour and the paint itself is a dream to work with – you could frost a cake with it.  

Lynnée Lorentzen


Morning Simon,
Just finished so I thought I would show you the wonderful paint that you sell.
Fantastic. Be in touch shortly.

Nick Smythe

Top oak from the Belvoir castle estate. 300-year-old tree fallen in a storm and I’ve
had it air drying for 10 years. Paint brill to put on and finish is great.

Adam Pearce

I’ve just painted my front door in Victoria and it looks amazing! I was unsure but wanted something soft that wasn’t green. I’m ordering another litre for my garage.

Moira Betteridge.

We love Fenwick & Tilbrook paint. Both the colour range and quality of the paints are second to none. What’s more, our contractors love the paint!

Timna – Studio Atara

I love the quality of your paints and tell everyone about them. 

Adam Pearce

Just to say thank you for the paint and colour swatches. Firstly the exterior eggshell is absolutely brilliant! I may only be a humble DIYer but the paint covered so well it almost made painting window frames a joy this weekend!

Emma Lyttle, Wiltshire.

I couldn’t wait to use the samples you sent…your paint is amazing, I love love the texture, the way it spreads and that I don’t have to use a sealant for protection. I can see me using a lot of your paints.

Fiona, Monsoon Dragonfly Interiors.

We are really pleased with the paint.

Sarah – Clark and English

The paint was really easy to use and it didn’t even need a full two coats! We are really happy with the colour too.

Steve Woodward

I have just placed my second order having been very impressed by the customer service and the quality of the paint. I am using my Wagner sprayer to do my greenhouse and the exterior eggshell goes on beautifully and looks absolutely fantastic. Very highly recommended and a great company to deal with.

Jillian Clark, Derbyshire.

I received the paint yesterday afternoon, bang on time from the delivery courier. I will recommend your company without hesitation and will be buying from you again.

Graham Heritage

I just wanted to say that your paint is far superior to other, perhaps more widely advertised, top of the range paints. The proof is in my own front door. The paints are a dream to work with.

I have recommended it over the years to clients who are always impressed with the end result.

Anne at Home/interior Designer

In 17 years as a professional decorator, this is the first product I have found that really does tick ALL the boxes.

Timothy Squires – The Plaster, Paint & Tile Company Ltd, Norfolk.

I have been around for a very long time in the painting game and I have used all manner of paints, but as in water based YOURS is the best paint I have ever used. The quality as you are brushing it on you just know. You have a fantastic product, better than Farrow and Ball, you need to market it better because you’ve got a perfect product. I will always recommend this paint to any of my clients, I’m just a small self-employed decorator but I know quality when I see it, or use it.

Chris, London

My designer suggested we use Fenwick & Tilbrook paint and chose Paper, Oregon and Lead for my house.  I will be honest and admit that I tried to colour match the lighter colours, despite  advice given to me, and even my decorator admitted there was something missing with the Dulux match. He also said it’s one of the loveliest paints he has ever worked with! We are now using it throughout our entire home and even though the work isn’t finished, the walls are already looking amazing.

Samantha Wright, Esher.

I recently bought your paint for several rooms and am delighted with the colours and quality.

Angie Ward, East Grinstead

I cannot praise this company enough. My wife had been pondering over colours to go with a wallpaper that she had purchased years ago.she wasn’t happy with any of her choices.In desperation she sent a sample of the wallpaper to Clare at Fenwick and Tilbrook.Within 24hours Clare had solved the problem.By guiding my wife in a different direction and giving her 2 choices of beautiful colours the dilemma was sorted.Peace has now resumed to our house Thanks Fenwick and Tilbrook and our hero Clare.

James Murray.

I have completed my decorating project and have to say what a good product you have. Easy to use, easy to clean the brushes and roller but most important to us is the colour and finish. It took two coats as expected but we cannot stop looking at it. Thanks to Liz she certainly chose the colour. She is really pleased. We will be back!!

Bernie Vaughan, Norfolk

I used your eggshell for the first time and I have to say it is the best I have ever used in my 30 years as a professional painter and decorator. I told Kent Blaxill they need to put it on their shelves!

David Gill of D Gill & Co Ltd, Norwich

We can’t believe the quality of the paint. It is so easy to use and covers really well. We have had many compliments! Our decorator said is is the best paint he has ever used.

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your Paint!!



 I ordered Smudgewand for my Hallway, absolutely love the colour and the coverage, I’ve always been a farrow and ball fan but I now think I have a new favourite, thank you. Even my decorator loved the paint!

Mandy Fahey

The attention to detail is superb!  A lovely company.

Su J Mose

I despise painting woodwork as I am never happy with the finish I get. Fenwick and Tilbrook paint on the other hand is so easy to use even a no hope DIYer like me gets great results!

I am going to paint our master bedroom shortly with F&T and I am actually looking forward to doing it which is a new experience.

David Peter

Absolutely love this company. The paint is wonderful and goes on a dream. The customer service is outstanding. I can highly recommend them.

James Murray

Many thanks for the quick delivery, and the excellent product. I say excellent as our German and French decorators here were sceptical at first about using paint from England but, having tried it they really like it.

Graeme Ackroyd

The paint was a dream to use. Thanks for all your help.

Jim and Anne

Just wanted to say thank you.  Great customer service and paint is amazing.

Tracy Toomey

Amazingly the paint arrived before 11.00 yesterday morning, so decorators happy and I am thrilled with the colour.  Thank you for getting it to us so quickly. 


Your paint is a dream to use, our decorator loves it. The coverage is fantastic.


Just finished latest decorating job with Winter Honesty. As it was fresh plaster, I did a 50/50 wash coat with a cheap emulsion and a quick coat of white emulsion before painting the F&T pure matt. It was particularly noticeable that it doesn’t need a second coat as the coverage is so good and also you don’t get spattered with paint when using a roller, which you do with ordinary paint. Particularly good when you’re painting high ceilings.


Our decorator commented on the quality of the finish and how he had to use less paint than with other brands. We would definitely use Fenwick & Tilbrook again.

Matthew Allison

Mulberry Developments

We just love the paint. The colours are beautiful and provide exactly the look we wanted. Our decorators were delighted to use Fenwick & Tilbrook too.

Jeremy Buxton

Fenwick & Tilbrook’s advice regarding ‘right paint, right place’ and knowledge surrounding their product was invaluable. We wouldn’t have achieved the degree of satisfaction on our look without them! We are exceptionally happy with the results – the colours have such an impact in our surroundings they constantly create a talking point amongst our customers.

Sarah Tribe

The Folkes Arms, Hillington

Clients are amazed at the coverage with your paint and your water based eggshell goes on like an oil. Top product.

Simon Hall

Dream Décor

My builder Richard who used the Graphite grey for our Chiswick project really loved working with the paint and was impressed.


Emily Carlile

These little cards [in the Inspiration Box] are fabulous… so easy to move around and put next to each other so you can play and create. No more cutting up paint cards for me and an exact colour match too as they are actually painted. What a brilliant idea to do it this way.


Katherine Reynolds

I am so pleased with your paints. I’ve just decorated a room in Bridesmaid and one of your neutrals. It looks fabulous. Also, I’m sure you’ll like to hear that my tried, tested and talented decorators love it. They say it covers well and is truly great to use. You offer a great service and it’s a pleasure working with you.


Kate Samengo-Turner


We found the painted sheets invaluable whilst shopping for items of interest or choosing the fabrics to complete each scheme. Using the paint itself was like painting with double cream.


Sarah Tribe

The Ffolkes Arms, Hillington

We are really pleased with the paint.


Sarah Clark

Clark & English Interior Design

The paint was really easy to use and it didn’t even need a full two coats! We are really happy with the colour too – Great Lake.


Steve Woodward

Once again thank you for your speedy response. I received the paint yesterday afternoon and bang on time from the delivery courier as well. I will recommend your company without any hesitation and be buying off you again. Thanks once again.


Graham Heritage

I came across Fenwick and Tilbrook paint when I was researching the highest quality paint. I have just ordered my 2nd order having been very impressed with the customer service and the quality of the paint. Very highly recommended, and a great company to deal with.


Jillian Clark, Derbyshire

I used your paint for the first time yesterday and felt compelled to tell you how good it was. It is head and shoulders above the other leading brands – and I have used them all! I can honestly say that I have never come across a better paint.


Simon Hall

Dream Décor

I just wanted to say that your paint is far superior to other, perhaps more widely advertised, top of the range paints. The proof is in my own front door. The paints are a dream to work with. I have recommended it over the years to clients who are always impressed with the end result.


Annie Kwiatkowska

Anne at Home, Interior Designer

In 17 years as a professional decorator, this is the first product I have found that really does tick ALL the boxes.


Timothy Squires

The Plaster, Paint & Tile Company Ltd

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