Why use our paint

Welcome to our world of paint: here are a few reasons to choose Fenwick & Tilbrook.


Great opacity.

This means that fewer coats are required and also means much better value than many other leading brands. See our glass test.



Our paint was originally developed in Scandinavia and designed for very harsh weather conditions. The paints’ formulae comprise ingredients of the highest quality for longer life and better looks.



Unlike most matt emulsion paints, Fenwick & Tilbrook’s Pure Matt gives that popluar chalky appearance, but with a very hard surface that is wipeable.



Both our Eggshells and Pure Matt Plus are designed to be washable. This makes them a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms and high traffic areas.


Easy to use.

Our paint has been described as spreading like cream with great coverage (1 litre covers between 10 – 12 square meters). Professional and novice painters alike can achieve an excellent finish.


Painters and decorators like using it.

See our testimonials at the foot of the page.


Water based.

Brushes are easily cleaned in water so, less mess and better for the environment.


High pigment levels.

For a fantastic depth of colour.



Our Exterior Eggshell paint is breathable, allowing moisture to evaporate out. This will help to stop blistering or flaking.


240 superb colours.

We have 120 colours in our standard range and another 120 archived colours, and special colours too. We can make any colour, including all RAL codes.


Freshly made to order.

Our paint is made to order, not in batches or made for stock, and available next working day in any colour, size or type – couriered direct to your door for convenience. This is for customers in the UK – we deliver overseas too: simply contact us we’ll arrange speedy delivery to you.



Fenwick & Tilbrook paint is ‘self-priming’ so there is no need for any special primer if painting a virgin surface or a surface previously painted with a water based paint. Primer, if required, can come tinted to match top coats.



Our paint is manufactured to the highest possible environmental standards.


Fast drying.

It is fast drying, so work can be completed quickly.


Low VOCs.

Fenwick & Tilbrook paint has virtually zero VOCs, so there is no smell. This makes it pleasant to use and allows painted rooms to be ready to use immediately – and it’s ideal for children’s rooms.


Quality control.

We take and catalogue a sample from every tin of paint we make. We check the colour made against our colour standards. We even attach a sample of the paint in the tin to the top of the tin.


Colour advice.

We offer free advice on colours, colour combinations and using our paints. Alternatively, we offer a more in depth colour consultancy service. Simply call Anna on +44 (0)1362 684125 or send an email.


Personal service from our small team.

We are small and reactive to our customers’ requirements, offering a direct personal service.


Made in Britain, with love.

All our products, ingredients and packaging are manufactured in the UK. All our packaging is recyclable.

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