Heavy Sky in Clay paint specially formulated paint for lime plaster

Claypaint – Breathable Paint For Lime Plaster

November 10, 2019

Fenwick & Tilbrook Clay paint is a specifically designed paint for lime plaster. Unlike other breathable paints, such as soft distemper, our Claypaint is very hardwearing.  Its unique formulation gives a highly breathable, yet durable flat matt surface.  It allows any moisture within the wall to escape without damaging the finish. Yet, like all Fenwick & Tilbrook paints, it is gorgeously thick and has fantastic coverage.



Fenwick & Tilbrook Claypaint is available in ALL of our colours.  We don’t restrict the manufacture of Claypaint to a limited palette.  It is made to order and delivered next day.






One of our trusted trade partners, Lime & Flint (based in Norfolk) are limework and restoration specialists and personally use and recommend Fenwick & Tilbrook Claypaint for interior lime plaster projects.


“This really is the best Claypaint we’ve ever used, it goes on like cream!  It’s a great product, available in so many colours with the breathability that lime plaster needs.” – Lime & Flint.







  • Highly breathable, specially designed for use on interior lime plaster
  • Kinder to the environment: water-based with very low VOCs
  • Virtually odour free
  • Made to order in any colour from our range*
  • Flat matt surface (2% sheen)
  • Reduces condensation
  • Discourages mildew growth
  • Ease of application
  • Covers 10 – 12 sq m per litre
  • Outstanding durability

*we also offer a bespoke colour service if you are looking for something specific not offered within our current range


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Request a colour chart

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