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Exterior eggshell – go outdoors

December 5, 2018

Exterior eggshell is designed to be tough enough for exterior woodwork, plaster and metalwork, enabling you to achieve stunning effects outside.

Our Fenwick & Tilbrook exterior eggshell was originally conceived to protect exterior timber structures from the elements in a wide range of environments. But we didn’t stop there – we wanted to create a finish in the complete spectrum of high pigment colours. Available in the entire Fenwick & Tilbrook palette with a 20% sheen, our exterior eggshell enables surfaces to be rich and colourful but without the harsh glare of a glossy finish.

Exterior eggshell enables you to create a coordinated colour scheme inside and out of your home, with a natural flow from indoors to outside in the garden. Garden furniture and seating look excellent with a rich coat of paint to complement planting and create welcoming outdoor areas. One of the great properties of an exterior eggshell is that while it is tough enough to withstand weather conditions and keep moisture out, it will also breathe and flex as surfaces such as wood expand and contract.

One of our customers, abstract impressionist artist Tracey Weston, actually uses our exterior eggshell paint to create amazing works of art for the garden. It really is very versatile! Norfolk artist Tracy Weston using Fenwick and Tilbrook paint for her exhibition at Stody Garden Estate

To find out more, see our Exterior Eggshell page.

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