Fenwick & Tilbrook Claypaint is water-based and available in almost any colour – if you can’t find the colour you want, just ask.

Perception of colour is a combination of its pigment and reflection: with an ultra-matt paint (less than 2% sheen) there is virtually no reflection. The low sheen value can make some ultra-matt paints appear dull, but Fenwick & Tilbrook Claypaint possesses such remarkable chroma (colour intensity) that it appears to radiate colour and the range of tones you will see in different lights – highlights, shadows, artificial light, daylight – is positively beguiling.

Fenwick & Tilbrook Claypaint is specially designed for interior use on plastered interior walls and ceilings, in particular walls constructed of lime plaster that need to let moisture out. Its unique formulation gives a highly breathable, yet durable matt surface. 

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