Inspiration Box takes the fuss out of choosing paint colours

May 3, 2018

Luxury paint manufacturer Fenwick & Tilbrook has launched the Inspiration Box – an innovative new way to make choosing paint colours so much easier and hassle-free.


Comprising 120 cards, each one painted in Fenwick & Tilbrook’s new colours (rather than printed), the Inspiration Box enables colours to be held up against walls, soft furnishings and fabric, and mixed and matched in combination with other colours. An additional three paint chips in the box also show the finishes available. The Inspiration Box removes the need for messy sample pots, making choosing colours quicker and easier. It can also be used time and time again.


Simon Tilbrook, director at Fenwick & Tilbrook, explains:


“Choosing the right colour paint is so important, but it can often be an arduous task. By developing this exciting new Inspiration Box, we have created an easy and simple way for customers to select paint. The box is also perfect for helping to match soft furnishings and create a complete palette of complementary colours – all without the stroke of a brush.”


Made from the best quality ingredients, Fenwick & Tilbrook paints are rich in pigment giving them an extraordinary depth of colour. While they are highly durable, the paints are water-based with low VOC content, making them suitable for use throughout the home.

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