Colour Creation Service

Colour match

If you want us to match a colour from another brand, there is a minimum order of 1 litre.


Colour to match an object

Maybe you would like paint to match a fabric, wallpaper or item.  For this service, there is £25 one-off charge. Our Colourist, working with calculations and a practiced eye, will create a colour to match. You will be sent a painted sheet of the created colour for you to see before placing your paint order and you can even help name the colour. We will add it to our system so it can be reproduced in the future. We may even add it to our Bespoke Colour Range.


Create your own colour or range

Working from a brief; using descriptions and imagination in order to capture the essence of what you are after. Clare takes a great deal of time, working with small samples of paint and pigments.  With her practiced eye, she will create something to fit the brief.  This could be your own exclusive colour, or a range of colours. We will discuss with you how you want them to be used in the future. Full details are agreed after initial discussion. Price range £90 – £150 per colour.













Request a colour chart

Request a colour chart

Please send me a free colour chart