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November 24, 2018

News this week.


Our new website is in the final stages of development so we have been spending time checking over each page – time consuming but vital! We are also getting on with painting out the sheets for our Inspiration Boxes, less than 30 left to do now which has put a smile on all our faces!


We are in the formulating and testing phase of a new product, soon to launch, which is very exciting. I hope that in the next couple of weeks I will have some details I can share.


We have had some media interviews about colour and how best to use it in the home. This has made me think more about colour choice. Do people choose colours because they are the “colours of the season” or do they choose them to feel comfortable in a space? Do we all give enough thought to what environment we feel comfortable in? For example, a living room may be a room that you want to feel relaxed in, so how do you choose the best colours to help achieve that?


We base our colours on nature; the colours all around us, maybe that is the place to begin. Think about a specific place or environment where you feel totally comfortable, calm and relaxed. It could be the beach, the woods or a park, maybe it is a church or your childhood bedroom. What colours do your thoughts conjure up? That very personal mixture of colours can help to formulate the beginnings of a colour scheme; one that you will end up feeling comfortable in because they reflect a place or places where you feel at ease.


Most popular colours of the week. Looking back over the week I can see the most popular colours have been the lovely natural soft neutral tone of 14: Sheringham Beach and the beautiful warm blue 75: Bridesmaid.



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