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Our news – Fergus and filming

November 10, 2018

I want to tell you about Fergus, a musical instrument restorer, who came to us seeking a shade of green for the harpsichord that he was lovingly restoring. The green needed to be a soft vintage tone that would bring this wonderful instrument back to its former glory. It took some time to get the colour just right, but when he returned to see his finished colour Fergus was delighted and chose to name it Goujon Vert after Jean-Claud Goujon, a 17th century French harpsichord maker. I am sure you would agree it is a very fitting name. This beautiful green has joined the other colours in our Limited Edition range.


On Wednesday we were interviewed by the regional campaigns manager from the Cabinet Office for a video to be shared on their social media channel, www.Twitter.com/HMGEast, in preparation for Small Business Saturday on 1st December. There will be more news on this as we get it.


Our Inspiration Box, a hand painted product, has proved very popular. In fact numbers are beginning to run very low! Over the past few weeks we have been sharing the task of painting our next batch of sheets. Once they are all painted and collated they will be cut to size and made up into new boxes. This week has seen us pass the half-way mark!


Special Edition colours Bird of Paradise and Lady Laws have proved to be particularly popular this week.


If you have anything in particular that you want included in our blog next week, or you have questions that you would like answered please let us know.



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