An office painted on the walls in Fenwick and Tilbrook's pure matt paint

Pure Matt – perfect for walls and ceilings

October 17, 2018

When it comes to paint, choosing the right finish for each surface is very important.


We would recommend a Pure Matt for walls and ceilings. Our Pure Matt paint has a 2% sheen which provides a sumptuous flat finish that looks fabulous in any room.


When choosing a low sheen finish, some ultra matt paints can seem dull so it’s important to choose a quality paint with high levels of chroma or colour intensity. This will really bring out the gorgeous range of tones you’ll see in different lights at different times of day and create a paint effect which ‘pops’.


Even though it’s water based, Fenwick & Tilbrook paint is designed to be tough. Our Pure Matt is wipeable, making it even easier to maintain that freshly painted look for longer. The paint is easy to apply too, with brush, roller or even spray.


To find out more, see our Pure Matt page.

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