Fenwick and Tilbrook paint's multi-surface primer

To prime or not to prime?

August 23, 2018

We’re frequently asked if it is necessary to prime or not. While some higher quality paints such as Fenwick & Tilbrook are self-priming, it is often advisable to also use a separate primer first. This is particularly important if you are unsure what was previously painted onto the surface you are about to paint, or if the surface is unstable in some way.


Fenwick & Tilbrook Multi-surface Primer can help to achieve greater coverage with the top coat of paint, meaning you need to use less paint to achieve the perfect colour-rich result.


Our Multi-surface Primer can be applied to any surface prior to painting to ensure there is a good bond. This is especially applicable if the previous coating was an oil-based product. Oil and water don’t mix!


Primers also help extend longevity of your paintwork and a good primer will enable you to paint virtually anything – the possibilities become endless.


Here at Fenwick & Tilbrook, we are always happy to offer advice too so do get in touch. We love to talk paint and help you to get the best possible results.

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