Tracy Weston art exhibition

May 16, 2018

We were delighted to be approached by local artist Tracy Weston to use our paint for her forthcoming exhibition at Stody Lodge Gardens. Tracy, who describes her work as abstract impressionism, has started using Fenwick & Tilbrook exterior eggshell paint this year to create stunning new outdoor pieces that can be positioned in a garden to be enjoyed in a natural surrounding all year round.


This isn’t the first time our paint has been used by artists. We’re often told the paint’s luxurious thick consistency and rich pigment makes it ideal for creating masterpieces on canvas and other materials. Our exterior eggshell paint is ideal for outdoor work such as Tracy’s as it’s tough and durable to withstand the weather, but it comes in the complete range of 120 colours. Her colourful exterior pieces can be displayed on garden fences, walls and even on stakes in planted borders. We just love the effects she is achieving with our paint and this new idea to bring art outside.

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