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Welcome to Fenwick & Tilbrook, the home of world-class paint!

We have used our expertise to create the new Fenwick & Tilbrook range of 120 long-lasting, easily applied and highest-quality paints. We continue to offer historical and archived colours in addition to the 120 in the Fenwick & Tilbrook range. Our new colour matching service means that we can create any colour you choose.

Fenwick & Tilbrook paints are inspired by Scandinavian exterior paints that were originally designed in the 1970s to withstand the worst of Arctic weather. Made from outstanding ingredients, they are rich in pigment, giving them an extraordinary depth of colour, and are also water-based with low VOC content, making them suitable for use throughout your home. Our paint is available in the complete range of finishes – pure matt, interior eggshell, exterior eggshell and ultimate masonry.

You can order a colour card or paint colour chart from here. To help you select your paint, we also offer an ‘Inspiration Box’ containing business-card-sized painted samples of each of our Fenwick & Tilbrook 120 colours. You can also order sample pots and sprayed sheets of each colour here.

Should you need any help in selecting the perfect paint for your project, please call us on 01362 684125 or send us an email.

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