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There are a number of manufacturers of premium paints and, with some, the price tag is not necessarily mirrored by the quality. At Fenwick & Tilbrook, quality and, therefore, durability are at the heart of our paints. That means you do not need to use as much paint, it will last longer and, most of all, it will simply look better. It’s great to apply too. We firmly believe you won’t find a better paint.

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What our customers say about us

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Laura Broxton
8 months ago
This paint is utterly divine. We would never use anything else now. Beautiful to paint with, it goes on like a dream. We have been recommending this company to everyone we know. The customer service is also superb.
Deborah Holden
11 months ago
Forget Farrow and Ball it’s so last year! FENWICK & TILLBROOK is definitely the paint to choose. That quality is fabulous and the coverage excellent. Would definitely choose over the other premium paint on the market.
Peter Treglown
11 months ago
It’s when you start to use Fenwick & Tilbrook paint that you realise that, actually, it really is better than the big brands. I genuinely can’t recommend F&T enough. (And they’re nice people!)