A review that tickled us!

23 February 2019

We want to share some paint news and a funny review we’ve received this week! We’ve had a busy couple of weeks, always a good thing but especially in February!

Review: We had a wonderful phone conversation with a Stuart Wild of Stuart Wild Decorating Services who gave us a great story to demonstrate one of the things he loved about our paint.

“I finished painting a ceiling with your matt emulsion and noticed something so unusual that I had to share it with my customer. I held my arms out in front of me and asked her whether she noticed anything strange, “look at my arms!” There was no paint splattered on them at all, usually they would be covered in paint after doing a ceiling.”

After he had relayed his summary he said:

“Goodbye F&B, hello F&T!”

He absolutely loved our paint which is so great to hear.

New colours

We are due to release two beautiful new Bespoke Colours next week. A beautiful dark, almost black aqua tone called ‘Depths of the Ocean’. This will go wonderfully with so many of our beautiful pastels, neutrals and bright colours. The other colour that is going to make an appearance is a soft coral. The Pantone colour this year is Living Coral, and having read so many articles on how it is used within interior design we think we have a definite gap to fill with this beautiful tone. This new, as yet unnamed, coral will of course work perfectly with Depths of the Ocean.

Most popular colours

  • 24: Timeless a beautifully warm pale neutral
  • 77: Aurora Sky a stunning deep teal blue.


In other news, we have had our roller-shutter door open all afternoon twice this week!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the mild weather.