We have had a very exciting and productive couple of weeks at Fenwick & Tilbrook HQ!

Special Edition Colours

We have added two bespoke colours to our Special Editions, Renaissance Red which has an old-fashioned warm feel to it, created for a room with a beautiful wallpaper combining pale olive with a warm red. We have also added a very deep green with an undertone of yellow oxide; Marshwood Green. This was created especially for the windows of beautiful Marshwood Manor. The colour needed to sit happily in the rural environment of the very special Marshwood Vale, a rural area of West Dorset where the small fields still retain much the same layout as in Iron Age times. The Vale is steeped in superstition, myth and legend and its verdant beauty is a remnant of ancient English countryside.

We now have 15 Special Editions on our website, and we will keep adding to them. If you would like a bespoke colour created for your home, just give us a call or email us to discuss the process.

Working with Norfolk small business

We met with Eliza of Norfolk Living Kitchens and Annie of Allison & Allison to discuss ways of working together and sharing our skills. We have ideas in the pipeline to work on over the next few months. One of the advantages of small business is that we can be so much more flexible and open to ideas.

New Display

The prototype of our new display board is complete. As it is all hand-painted it obviously takes time to create, so when these are made available to our retail partners it will have to be on a “first come first served” basis.

Most popular colours of the week

Looking back over the week I can see the most popular colours have been 15: Pipit and 10: Peddars Way both warm natural tones.

Keep warm this weekend – it looks to be a cold one!