How do you protect carpet edges when painting?

We ask expert decorator, Scott Barney

9 August 2019

Painting woodwork with Eggshell

I get asked a lot “how do I protect carpet edges when painting”, “what’s the secret to masking?”

To me there’s no secrets only methods of work. I’ve tried to explain how to do this but the look on people’s faces, I think I lose them mid conversation.

1) lay the tape on the floor with a slight over hang on the skirting.

2) pull back the carpet releasing the tape from the skirting and with wide filling knife push the tape down. This will now adhere to the very edge of the carpet.

3) repeat steps until you’re done.

It may get some getting used to buts it’s worth it. It not only protects your carpet, it will reduce the risks of getting dust and fluff on your skirting. Some old school decorators don’t use this method which I find bizarre. Not worth the risk in my eyes.

Scott Barney, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

So now you know how the professionals protect carpet edges when painting! Its simple, but effective.