100. Pall Mall

A deep magenta purple, very much like the property ‘Pall Mall’ on the Monopoly board, a favourite game in the Tilbrook household!

Please note that this colour is not available in a Claypaint finish.

This colour previously sat in our archive range as ‘Odessa Lily’

£5 sample pots and £1 painted sheets (where available) come in a ‘Pure Matt Plus’ finish, unless stated otherwise. Sample pots are 100ml and Painted sheets are approx 14 x 7cm.
Available finishes
  • Exterior Eggshell
  • Interior Eggshell
  • Pure Matt
  • Pure Matt Plus
  • Ultimate Masonry
Available as
  • 1L
  • 2.5L
  • 5L
  • Painted Sheet
  • Sample Pot
Colour sample

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