Interior Eggshell

Fenwick & Tilbrook Interior Eggshell is a tough paint for woodwork and walls and is also very effective on furniture. Like all Fenwick & Tilbrook paints, it has extraordinary pigment strength, which, combined with its soft (10%) sheen, gives it the appearance of a matt lacquered finish. The exceptional chroma, or colour intensity, gives the impression of radiating colour, giving a wide range of tones under all kinds of lighting conditions.

The paint is very easy to apply. It flows well from the brush, covers well and dries quickly to a superb smooth coating. Its durability, strength and resistance to common kitchen chemicals make it an ideal finish for kitchen cabinets.

Fenwick & Tilbrook Interior Eggshell is water based and almost completely odourless.

Ideal use: Interiors. Paint for walls, woodwork, plaster, masonry, metalwork, kitchen cabinets and furniture.


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