Fenwick and Tilbrook has launched a claypaint finish

What is Claypaint?

September 6, 2018

Clay paint is specially formulated breathable paint for lime plaster walls.


When it comes to painting period and older properties, it can be tricky to find the right paint, particularly if your walls aren’t finished in conventional plaster. Older properties usually have thick solid walls with no cavity and are therefore more prone to problems with damp. Walls coated in lime plaster in particular need moisture to be let out which some other paint finishes won’t do.


We’ve been chatting to our customers about their needs and have just launched our new Claypaint range which is ideally suited to lime plaster and older interior walls. Fenwick & Tilbrook Claypaint has a unique formulation to provide a highly breathable, yet durable matt surface. Like all of our paints, Claypaint is water-based and very low in VOC too. The paint provides excellent coverage and its thick, creamy consistency makes it really easy to apply.


Claypaint is available in our entire spectrum of 120 colours but don’t forget we can make virtually any colour, just ask.

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