Exterior Eggshell

Fenwick & Tilbrook Exterior Eggshell was conceived to protect exterior timber structures in a wide range of environments throughout the world for the longest possible time.

Our requirements of the paint are greater than just durability. Colour is supremely important too. Perception of colour is a combination of its pigment and reflection. For outdoors, some sheen is desirable but not so much that it will permit glare. The 20% sheen is perfect and allows perception of colour to be sustained in direct sunlight.

Fenwick & Tilbrook Exterior Eggshell possesses such remarkable chroma (colour intensity) that it appears to radiate colour, and the range of tones you will see in different lights is positively beguiling. This is a technically advanced paint that is a pleasure to use, flowing smoothly from the brush and quickly drying to a superb smooth, breathable coating that can move as the wood expands and contracts.

Finally, it is water based and almost completely odourless.

Perfect for: Exteriors. Paint for woodwork (such as window frames and cladding),  garden furniture, plaster, masonry and metalwork (such as garden gates and railings).

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