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Our news – the inspiration for our colours

November 17, 2018

News this week.


I have been finishing off the colour descriptions for our colours 1 – 120 to go onto our new website, being created for us by Four, a lovely PR agency in Norwich. It was wonderful to focus back onto the colours, what inspired them and the names they were given. Examples are:


66: Staithe – we have Burnham Overy Staithe and Brancaster Staithe here in North Norfolk. Originally a Staithe was a landing stage for loading and unloading cargo ships. Our colour represents the heavy materials that once would have been loaded onto ships and so is a deep, dark grey with a tinge of purple, rather like lead.


108: Teasel – the tall prickly wildflower, teasel, although green with tiny purple, white or pink flowers emerging from its head in late summer, then dries to a lovely pale brown, still holding onto the tiniest tinge of green; the inspiration for this colour.


We have a real passion for colour and the natural world. When taken into our homes, colour can have such an intense effect on how we feel. We love how a colour can look so different in differing lights and on different surfaces. Colour really is such a fascinating phenomenon.


Exciting news this week! We had a meeting with Paula Gundry Interiors about creating a bespoke colour range for them. There will be more details over the next few weeks.


Despite our passion for colour, there really is more to paint than colour! We are extremely proud of the quality of our paint. On Monday we had a wonderful phone call from David Gill who wanted to tell us this:


“I used your eggshell for the first time and I have to say it is the best I have ever used in my 30 years as a professional painter and decorator. I told Kent Blaxill they need to put it on their shelves!”


What an endorsement!


As you may already know, we keep a blob of paint from every tin that we send out in order to keep a record of the actual colour and finish sent to every customer. Looking back over the week it is easy to see the most popular colours, which this week have been the beautiful neutral tones of 111: Nelson’s Hideout and 16: Drystone.


Have a lovely weekend, there aren’t many left before Christmas. If you want to spruce your house up in time for the festive season, don’t forget we do next day delivery.



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